Guaranteeing a better internet visibility is a priority of every business, and is an indispensable tool in developing one’s recognition, the acquisition of new clients, and the retention of old clients. PFLS is a French business that understands your digital needs well and helps you put in place a built-to-measure web marketing strategy by offering you the newest innovations available.

Our digital communication solutions:

PFLS proposes necessary solutions according to your needs:

  • Website creation: Today, having at least a few pages on the Internet is a necessity; you can’t make a business without creating an Internet presence. If you wish to simply be present on the Internet and on search engines, a storefront site is the best solution. If you have products to display and sell, then an e-commerce site is your best bet to raise sales. PFLS, in conjunction with its team of developers, helps its partners to reach these goals.
  • Web content generation: An empty page will not bring anything to your activity, nor to the users who come to visit your site. On the other hand, a site with well-composed content and quality pictures that express your type of business will attract people’s attention and entice them to contact you or buy your products.
  • Web referencing (SEO) : Having the most beautiful website on the Internet won’t mean anything if it isn’t visible. PFLS’ main objective is to give you a well-positioned website that is easily found by search engines. We offer you our reference team (skilled in both natural SEO and AdWords), and in collaboration with the content creation team, will work on your website’s search engine visibility. In order to meet your goals, differentiate yourself from your competition, and guarantee visits to your site, you need to be well-positioned. Simply put, be visible!
  • Work on social networks: To ensure a complete Internet presence, you need to have integration with social networks. Social media, including Facebook, with its more than two billion users, LinkedIn and its 500 million and plus users, Twitter, Instagram, and more, may be one of the best sources of traffic for your site, and an indispensable step to acquire new clients, or retain your existing clients. Our team sets a large importance in this tool, and can guarantee you an excellent visibility on the necessary social networks so that you can develop your business.
  • Changing consultation in digital matters: At PFLS, each project is unique. For each area of activity, essential guidance is needed, and for each project, there is a digital strategy to meet all the needs of that area.

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