If you need a website or mobile application, first and foremost, you must contact an agency known for the quality of its products. A quality product means excellent design, content of good quality and quantity, and of course having an optimized code. These are the base criteria of judging a quality product.

What is a proper code?

For web and mobile developing, the choice of technology, programming language, as well as the integrated tools used are all foundational and indispensable to a high-quality final product.

A bad code may function and give the expected results, but it may become the source of several unwanted anomalies, including giving a negative reputation in the eyes of search engines. On the other hand, a proper/optimized code can bring more to the experience, especially in terms of quicker page loading and better indexing of your website. A proper code is one that respects the rules and standards of development language (HTML, PHP, Asp, etc.…), resulting in a “Google-friendly” code. CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files must be compressed as much as possible in order to improve loading speed.

How can you ensure a proper code?

Below, we list a few necessary tips for a well-optimized code:

1- Make sure to document the code used: when you document and understand the language that you will use to program your website, you will be able to find the tricks necessary to have an optimized code with the minimum amount of lines.

2- Keep your CSS and JavaScript outside of the file: It is better to keep style codes and JavaScript separate, and not part of the same source file.

3- Eliminate unnecessary code: Keep this in mind! Deleting code that you don’t need is better than commenting it out, even if the users won’t read the comment code. Deleting what isn’t needed can be a good method of reducing the file size.

4- Validate your code: Validating your code incrementally through W3C (Word wide web consortium) can be an effective method to guarantee that your code is clean. Several Firefox and Chrome extensions will allow you to validate code, such as HTML Validator…

PFLS, like many other businesses in this domain, always insist on producing websites built with proper code that will positively influence load times and, consequently, visitor experience.