Throughout its history, PFLS has gained proven expertise in:

  • Mastery of client processes and use logic
  • Enriching strategic planning from client logics
  • Creation of a modernized customer relationship with respect to company values
  • Fair estimation of the place of new technologies in the entirety of a contact device
  • Coordinated integration of “artistic” and technical facets of projects
  • Institution of methods for company agents that are adapted to respond to client requests
  • Optimal conciliation between human exchanges and open-source applications

  • Communication

    Innovation and design of new services and client communication actions PFLS was accredited by Crédit Impôt Recherche for the years of 2011-2012-2013

  • Development

    Thanks to its experience in development:
    PFLS renders completely operational studies, audits, and consultations
    PFLS proposes innovative, inspired, and achievable ideas

  • Consultation

    Pulling from its consulting experience:
    PFLS promises suitable, ergonomic fulfilments that facilitate the everyday life of those who work with existing and prospective clients

  • Method

    Our method: includes the clients of our clients in the conception and realization of CRM projects

  • Inspiration

    Our inspiration – working for our clients through their clients