PFLS develops and creates client-oriented Internet sites, services and applications

  • specifically developed via Linux, Apache, MySQL or MongoDB, PHP
  • uses technical and functional site generator ecosystems and their plugin and API (WordPress, Joomla, Magento)
  • Blog
  • Emailing

PFLS Consulting can ensure the creation of your professional blog. A blog is an effective tool for completing and setting your website apart, and it will allow you to expand and solidify your Internet client base. Depending on the type of blog used, you will see several different advantages.

Are you using a public blog? This type of blog will allow you to:

In operational mode :
  • Be closer to your clientele.
  • Show off your business' qualities, your meticulousness, and your know-how.
  • Share your latest news, or press releases with your clients
  • Collect their opinions and understand your business’ reputation
  • Etc,…

Technically, PFLS Consulting offers you use of your blog in conjunction with your website in order to increase your business’ findability within search engines.

If your blog is internal (inaccessible to the public), it will let you:
  • Distribute everyday information, and play the role of the business’ newspaper
  • Improve the culture of the workplace
  • Collect new ideas from your team

With your blog, you will be able to manage your content: publish articles, pages, and images as you see fit. PFLS Consulting’s savoir-faire will allow you to create a blog to fit your personal desires, while also allowing you to integrate the design of your existing website.

According to your needs, PFLS Consulting can develop blogs that are precise and specific, or even blogs automated by WordPress, joomla, Magento, etc.….We can realize your project and advise you on what platform to use, helping you make the most of your blog.

PFLS Consulting offers personalized and professional website creation abilities. With PFLS Consulting, your websites will go from conception to creation, ranging from the simple online presence of your business, all the way up to an e-commerce platform with online store for your merchandise.

The PFLS Consulting team of developers study and conceptualize your website, and create it with the aims of boosting your potential and your online discoverability, all while keeping your sector of business in mind.

For top customer satisfaction, we accompany and advise you along all phases of developing your website, including service after its institution online. With a wide variety of website categories, and different objectives, PFLS offers:

In operational mode :
  • static website creation,
  • dynamic website creation,
  • online store creation,
  • personalized, tailored website creation… and more!

Emailing is a good tool for customer prospection and retention, consisting of transmitting promotional messages to email inboxes of internet users. Your company won’t risk being late or losing potential clientele, as your message will be received immediately after sending. So, your campaign can be launched in as little as 24 hours.

With email, you can :
  • create a dialog between your business, and prospective clients
  • gain new customers,
  • generate site traffic,
  • launch your new product… and more!

PFLS consulting knows that a business’ visual design is an opportunity to interest and attract new buyers, and we are very attentive and committed to delivering a modern logo, a strong image, and a proper visual identity.

PFLS Consulting custom-makes visual renderings for digital communication from conceptualization to realization, while both respecting and optimizing impact and budget goals.

The first role of visual design is to serve as a perfect identification of the site that the target user navigates. Under certain conditions, a good visual design can improve the visitor’s confidence in you. A good graphic design will allow for easy identification of navigation choices offered to the user, and to clearly distinguish the sections dedicated to content versus navigation.

  • Magento
  • Riquestor
  • CrosspectOr

Sweetor is a multi-channel customer relation follow-up and revitalization tool that operates from interest generation to the final minute of product service, offering quotes, purchase, and user follow-up. It deals with prospective contacts, depending on the channel used (telephone, in-person visit, internet request, mail-in request for more information, etc.…).

The philosophy behind Sweetor is to reduce the reading and information-gathering load on agents, while still giving a useable history of account activity.

With Sweetor, each person in charge of managing prospective relationships may build and submit a business offer to a prospective client or supporter, calculate a custom rate based on customizable parameters, collect all information and documents needed for the transaction, and follow support and after-sales service activity.

PFLS develops and creates client-oriented Internet sites, services and applications

  • specifically developed via Linux, Apache, MySQL or MongoDB, PHP
  • uses technical and functional site generator ecosystems and their plugin and API (WordPress, Joomla, Magento)

Joomla is a complete site, managed by you! The international standard when it comes to CMS systems, it offers a full and advanced range of functionalities for creation, administration, managing, and updating of a website (Internet/Intranet/Extranet). Its configuration options and its welcoming interface allow ease of use for specialists and non-specialists alike (no specific technical knowledge needed).


Pfls has identified features common to several clients that it has developed as a pre-edited solution called Sweetor composed of the following 3 modules

  • CrosspectOr (MGC license): solution for transitioning possible buyers into clients
  • Riquestor : solution of production of answers adapted to the requests prospects and customers
  • Social Projector: solution for monitoring and productive intervention in social networks and specialized blogs

Riquestor : solution of production of answers adapted to the requests prospects and customers

Riquestor is a solution based on Open Source logic to analyze, sort and redirect your e-mails to the right recipients. Riquestor is non-intrusive and fits perfectly into your incoming mail management habits. You have the complete history previously made with your customers and also have the opportunity to view complete statistics on the quality of the answers.

CrosspectOr (MGC license): solution for transitioning possible buyers into clients

PFLS offers CrosspectOr is a stimulation software for business teams. CrosspectOr helps enterprises transform prospective individuals into clients of your business.

During the entire process of adherence, the information collected feed into a database which will be used in either:

Operational mode :
  • issuing quotes
  • issuing reminders (oral, postal mail, email…)
Or, Management mode :
  • planning actions by target date and dashboard.
In statistics mode:
  • extraction of information on performance, quality.

Example of the page of search and creation of prospect in the database CrosspectOr Example of information (scoring) collected on the needs of the prospect, reachable at any time, and which serves as a basis for the advice and the construction of the commercial offer .

Example of a commercial offer construction page showing the information collected about the customer's needs (tip). The essential points are simplified: the quote editor, the history of previous proposals, the preparation of the commercial offer.



PFLS ensures the creation of an application that can interact with social networks.





A merchandising site, managed and customized autonomously, allow you to attract new clientele and retain those that are already loyal, all while being a revenue source for the business. This business tool integrates price quotes, order processing, and according to your needs may even include delivery tracking on ordered items. It also supports secured methods of payment, such as Blue Cards or PayPal.

  • Completely customizable look: popular items banners, flash sales, promotions…
  • Integrated related sales and cross-buy in order to multiply your sales
  • Back office development, so you can be 100% operational
  • Client database and simplified newsletter distribution

The solution with no compromise: Magento

Magento is the e-commerce solution for the new era, which has already become the go-to reference in the domain. A precursor in the Magento site creation, PFLS Consulting knows how to install and optimize it in order to reach a site’s highest potential. You will benefit from the power of a Magento site and the flexibility of a tailored solution.

Some examples of Magento development :
  • Creation of grouped and configurable products
  • Automatic generation of “Best sellers” product lists
  • Automatic insertion of products into the newsletter
  • Loyalty program development
  • Automatic “flash sale” module
  • Improved SEO Referencing

Ideal for small-to-medium-sized e-boutiques: Prestashop

Prestashop is a lightweight, open-source e-commerce solution. Developed by the company with the same name, its creation began in 2005. It is constantly evolving and is ideal for small-to-medium-sized stores, and very economical when it comes to using server resources.


The abilities and know-how of PFLS Consulting enables us to put in place solutions developed with PHP, C++, and C#.