Selling your product to the most people possible is an important step, but customer satisfaction is the very objective of every business. At PFLS, our aim is to not only sell, but also to retain our partners through the quality of our product.

An ITIL step for client satisfaction:

ITIL stands for “Information Technology Infrastructure Library », and is defined as a set of good practices adopted by a business or collective allowing it to guarantee a service to its clients that fits within the international standards, such as the ISO standard for example.

To best apply the ITIL approach, one must have a good knowledge of the target organization’s issues.

The ITIL principle of “best practices” proposes a well-structured, client-centered development environment. The client is effectively at the center of this approach, and this is the fundamental point of this step.

The principal objective of these best practices is customer satisfaction.

PFLS: a model of quality for its satisfied clients:

PFLS’ products meet international standards, and we can guarantees their quality to our collaborators. The application of ITIL best practices will allow for the improvement of the relation between the business and its clients, as well as building trust in the company.