PFLS, the French company ranked among the leaders in the field of selling interactive kiosks, these kiosks are very fashionable, requested by different companies.

The uses of interactive kiosks:

Whether in the lobby of a shopping center, in a business or a wind point, the interactive terminal that can be defined as a multimedia terminal for navigation in a simple way in a catalog of products, information practical, these kiosks are very effective especially in minimizing the waiting time in the bill payments so it serves to replace the box office, which helps to solve this problem.

These interactive kiosks or multimedia are generally used in:
  • Presentation of the access plan in a store or shopping center which facilitates the search of the products by the customers.
  • Display of new products, promotions on these products as well as the events of the company.
  • Interactivity with the users / visitors for example by putting polls, forms to fill and like that one can have the opinions of the users concerning a subject or well defined product.
The interactive kiosks are designed primarily to make life easier for users and improve the customer experience.

The features of interactive kiosks:

The majority of the interactive terminals are of French manufacture and are characterized by:

  • a touch screen allowing easy access to different applications and forms.
  • easy integration to different places.
  • the technology used is very high developed.
  • Several types of interactive kiosks are available such as: indoor interactive kiosk, touch screen kiosk, interactive touch screen outdoor kiosk ...

PFLS is known for supporting its customers in all stages of the project, from the design of the terminal to the development and installation of application software solutions.