CompuSelf Habitat, HLM rent payment solution, awarded 2017 Most Innovative Kiosk. »

Created by PFLS and managed by Brinkʼs, the CompuSelf Habitat solution is based on the implementation of a multi-method rent payment kiosk (cash, check, bank card, and SEPA payment).

It is offered to social housing managers (HLM) in order to facilitate rent payment from their tenants, and serves a largely under-banked population by offering the possibility to pay in cash.

The CompuSelf Habitat solution was awarded the 2017 Most Innovative Kiosk Award in the Public Service category, the American website recognizes it as:

  • a technological innovation: 7 years of PFLS’ research
  • an operational innovation: : Brink’s manages the collection of funds all the way to their credit to HLM management’s bank accounts
  • an organizational innovation: implementation of a modern and simplified method of collecting rent
  • a social innovation: holding under-banked populations in mind.

This solution has been rolled out in 7 HLM centers: la Réunion, la Rochelle, Nemours, Angoulème, and soon-to-be implemented in Montargis.

Brinkʼs France, which employs 5,200 persons, is organized around several activities: Brinkʼs Cash Management (fund transport, denomination processing, management and maintenance of automated banking, and global offerings), Brinkʼs Airport (airport security), Brinkʼs Teleservices (telesurveillance), and Brinkʼs Global Services (international fund transport). The company exists in France and the West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, and St Martin).

PFLS, created in 1994, is a consulting and design company for client accommodation and client relations development and support. Its activity is organized around 3 principal components: internet, consulting training studies, and interactive kiosks. Since 2010, PFLS has developed an expertise in improving and humanizing client payment recovery along the entire value chain across its technological, design, and fabrication affiliates.

Contacts :

PFLS : Najib Smires : 06 78 79 18 62